This new generation of a toaster brings another of our home appliances
finally into the 21st century.

The Infrared Toaster will deliver your morning toast, just faster while
saving energy. The infrared bulbs inside are more efficient in transforming
energy into heat compared to older technologies. Therefore leading to a
faster toasting process up to 30%, while using less energy.

For a darker toast, it ment to wait longer with a regular toaster. The
Infrared Toaster is using infrared bulbs which can be dimmed to various
intensities. This allows different shades of toasts with the same fast
process time.

This new technology not only reduces time and energy but also its footprint.
The volume has been reduced to a quarter of a regular toaster thanks to
smaller electronics and the dynamic process of moving down the slice of bread.

ECAL/Patrick Tarkhounian

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